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SeAH Steel

SeAH Steel always stays close to you.

SeAH steel pipes have quietly kept you as one of backbone commodities in many diverse shapes that make up the community and life in places that are both visible and invisible.

SeAH Steel leads the steel pipe industry with world

  • SeAH Steel has led the globalization of the domestic steel pipe industry recording the live history of Korean steel pipe industry.

    SeAH Steel laid the foundation of the Korean steel pipe industry half a century ago in the 1960s when no steel industry existed. SeAH Steel has lead the development of the local steel pipe industry with a pioneering spirit by always leading changes and with an undaunted courage that does not evade crises.

  • SeAH Steel leads the steel pipe industry with world-class technology and production capacity.

    SeAH Steel has led the world's steel pipe industry, as well as that of Korea, with its highest level of technological competence and quality through which SeAH Steel developed the API steel pipe, pronoun of welded pipe, for the first time in Korea. In particular, Pohang Mill, which is the main facility of SeAH Steel, is equipped with a production capacity of one million tons a year and is the world's largest single mill., SeAH Steel produces total 1.4 million tons of steel pipe and other steel products a year. These products range from general plumbing pipes to steel pipes for oil wells, pipelines, mechanical structures, spiral steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, titanium pipes that are made from advanced materials, and sheet products that are produced by Gunsan Steel Pipe Mill No. 2 and Changwon Mill, which that have emerged as new production bases. SeAH Steel has enforced its competitiveness in the world market by exploring overseas markets by founding local corporations in the USA, Japan, Vietnam, China, and the UAE.

Lee, Hwi-ryeong
Main Products
Oil pipelines, oil well casings, general-purpose steel tubing, mechanical tubing, heat exchanger pipes, pipes for high pressure service, steel pipe columns, spiral welded pipes, stainless steel pipes, titanium tubing, hot-dipped galvanized steel sheets, and pre-coated metal.
Seoul (head office), Pohang, Changwon, Gunsan, Gunsan Pipe Mill No. 2, Pusan, Kwangju, and Daegu Office
1,912,900,000,000 won
Total assets
1,682,500,000,000 won