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SeAH Steel

With its Exceptional Expertise and Technology, SeAH Steel has been an Elite Steel Pipe Producer for more than 50 years

SeAH Steel leads the steel pipe industry with world

  • Becoming a Role Model in the Steel Pipe Industry

    Established in 1960, SeAH Steel was the first in the steel pipe industry to lead exports to the US market in 1967. SeAH Steel carried out its IPO in 1969 at a time when companies were reluctant to go public. Consistently developing new products and pushing into new markets, SeAH Steel has become the steel pipe leader in Korea.

  • Leading the Industry with its Technology and Production Capacity

    Starting from API steel pipes, the first welded pipes produced in Korea, SeAH Steel continued to secure its global reputation for leading technology and superb quality. The company’s Pohang Plant is one of the largest steel plants in the world with an annual capacity of 1.2 million tons. Together with produc­tion bases in Gunsan, Suncheon, and Chang­won, SeAH Steel produces over 2.2 million tons of various steel pipes and plates each year. Through its overseas production and distribution overseas, including the newly acquired Italian steel pipe producer Inox Tech, SeAH Steel continues to expand its international presence.

Howard Lee, Seok il Kim
Main Products
Welded Carbon Steel Pipes, Welded Stainless Steel Pipes, Titanium Tubes, Galvanized & Pre-painted Steel Sheets
Korea: Pohang, Suncheon, Changwon, Gunsan
Overseas: USA, Japan, China, Italy, Vietnam, UAE, Indonesia (24 affiliates in 7 countries)