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SeAH Besteel

SeAH Besteel is the Largest Special Steel Producer in Korea with New Investments in Heavy Forging

SeAH Besteel spurs steady growth with large-size forgings.

  • The Largest Special Steel Producer in Korea

    As the number one special steel producer in Korea, SeAH Besteel manufactures the best quality special steel through its automated system. It leads the market with a global production capacity of 3.1 million tons of steel. Drawing on the power of its electronic furnace and large-size press, SeAH Besteel has commenced operations at its heavy forging plant, a newly added business.

  • A Proven Leader in the Special Steel Industry with its Quality Products and Innovative Mind

    SeAH Besteel has continues to seek out new opportunities in the special steel industry, through extensive investment in R&D at its technology research institute. With its expertise and technology, SeAH Besteel is capable of producing high-end special steel and heavy forging products. Recently, SeAH Besteel has added to its speciality steel prowess through the acquisition of a stainless special steel company that boasts an annual production capacity of 4 million tons.

Jun Doo Park, Chul Hee Kim
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