Inspired by SeAH


The name SeAH
once symbolized the company’s dream to become a leader in Asia.
Today, it represents its resolve the make the world a more beautiful place.

  • A Bold Dream and Unrelenting Resolve
    The name SeAH embodies its philosophy and firm convictions. Its bold dream of becoming ‘Asia’s leading steel company in the world’ has materialized and evolved into a grand will to ‘transform the world into a more beautiful place’.
  • A Promise for a Better World
    SeAH has been supplying core materials to various fields of industries for more than 60 years based on its core competencies in specialized steel manufacturing. Even at this very moment, we are adding new values to steel with our devotion to the highest quality and innovative materials to create a beautiful world.
  • Commitment for a Sustainable Future
    SeAH's superior steel pipes have accelerated the development of existing industries while its special steel products have ushered in new industrial possibilities. SeAH promises to provide the best value from the customers’ perspective and seeks sustainable ways to refine a prosperous future for mankind.
  • A Heart like Steel
    SeAH has been silently practicing coexistence and cohabitation. With a heart like steel that remains unchanged over time while giving all it can, SeAH will create a beautiful future by flexibly responding to changes while continuing to convey its values.

Core value

Honest, Passionate, and Professional are the core values ingrained in SeAH’s DNA over the past half a century of development. Every SeAH employee realizes SeAH’s values based on these core values.

  • Honest

    Virtuous Integrity

    SeAH pursues its ideals
    with virtuous integrity, wisdom, and actions.

  • Passionate

    Dedicated Passion

    SeAH meets new challenges
    with passion, thus creating new possibilities.

  • Professional

    Excellence in Professionalism

    SeAH shares a wide range of expertise
    through collaboration with partners.
    When SeAH partakes in a project,
    it always fulfills its commitments.

Company Logo

SeAH's Identity

The gray color signifies the trust and tolerance SeAH accumulated through the steel business, while the orange color expresses the unrelenting passion and flexible, warm corporate values.

The logo image of SeAH.
SAn image of the signboard of SeAH.

Image of a Strong yet Flexible Steel Company

SeAH’s company logo is made of a harmonious balance between a straight line and a curve. It embodies both the values of the professionalism sought after as a steel company and the flexibility of responding to changes. The boldly flowing ‘beauty of balance’ encapsulates the history of growth over half a century on the basis of trust as well as a more beautiful future to be cultivated with strength and flexibility.

An exhibition image of SeAH’s rising curve.

SeAH's Rise Into the World:
The Rising Curve

The rising curve is the core of SeAH’s company logo and a symbol of its frontier spirit of change and challenge, representing the spirit of SeAH’s employees who pursue a socially responsible future. SeAH’s steel materials continue to generate new synergies through various industries of demands. It is also an expression of the value that forms the basis of our industry and society.

An image of Seron waving his hand with a backdrop of the night sky.

Our Core Value Character

SERON is a name created by compounding the words SeAH and IRON, and is a mascot that diffuses three core values of SeAH. Affable SERON projects the image of SeAH’s employees who strive to transform the world into a beautiful place by preserving SeAH’s core values of honesty, passionate, and professional.