Ethical Management

SeAH’s ethical management goes beyond the basic scope of simply complying with legal obligations and eliminating unlawful behavior. It requires each officer and employee to perform their work responsibly on behalf of SeAH by observing the basics and principles, fulfilling social responsibilities, and ultimately achieve sustainable growth.

Ethical Management Suggestion Center

Your valuable suggestion for ethical management will be the cornerstone of fair and transparent corporate management. Please make suggestions that would enhance the corporate value of SeAH, promote transparency and efficiency, and improve unreasonable and inefficient practices. Please also report any unfair business practices and any other violations that would undermine the sound corporate culture of SeAH. The confidentiality of those who file the reports is absolutely protected, as reports can only be accessed by the members of Ethical Management Suggestion Center of SeAH Holdings. For more information, please contact the Ethical Management Suggestion Center of SeAH Holdings.

  • Address Ethical Management Suggestion Center, SeAH Group, SeAH Tower,
    45 Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul (ZIP: 04036)
  • Contact Information T. 02-6970-0142 / F. 02-6970-0127

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Ethics Charter

SeAH respects the order of the free market economy that pursues fair and transparent competition based on an ethical corporate culture that adheres to the basics and principles, and complies with all laws and regulations. SeAH aims to become a “company that makes the world more beautiful” by creating rich values and growing together with its stakeholders.

Code of Ethics

  • Responsibilities to Stakeholders

    SeAH puts the value of its customers and shareholders first, and strives to grow together with its business partners.

  • Social Responsibility

    SeAH aims to become a corporate citizen trusted by society through transparent management and rational business development.

  • Basic Ethics of Executives
    and Employees

    SeAH’s executives and employees have proper values and do not engage in unethical or illegal acts in relation to their daily life and duties that will be frowned upon by society.

  • Responsibilities to
    Executives and Employees

    SeAH regards its employees as its most valuable asset and strives to make SeAH a place for self-fulfillment.

SeAH Code of Ethics

Acts Prohibited under the Code of Ethics

The following are types of unethical behaviors prohibited in SeAH.

  • Receipt of benefits from stakeholders

    Receiving money, valuables and entertainment, borrowing, repayment or guarantee of debts, borrowing and lending money and future guarantees, etc.

  • Unfair equity investment in
    business partners

    Giving, receiving or investing in listed or
    non-listed shares, joint investment,
    joint property acquisition, etc.

  • Lack of transparency in the
    selection of business partners

    Unfair opportunities, unfair trade practices, leakage of information of business partners, etc.

  • Illegal or wrongful use of
    company assets

    Use of tangible and intangible assets for unauthorized purposes, embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds, etc.

  • Falsification of documents or figures, and false reporting

    Falsification or alteration of documents
    or figures, false reporting, etc.

  • Others

    Negligence of duty, failure to property manage and supervise, abuse of power, impairment of dignity, etc.