Sharing Management

Expanding positive influence

SeAH's social contribution activities are enabled by exercising a mindset of not overlooking those who are in difficult situations. SeAH aims to expand the value of coexistence and the power of positive influence by practicing a culture of sharing based on sincerity while continuing to place focus on the underprivileged and vulnerable areas of our society.

The action plan

  • We strive to provide timely and practical assistance to those in desperate need of help.
  • We are contributing to social sharing awareness promotion and value enhancement by forming close relationships with specialized institutions and organizations and by providing them continuous support.
  • We value voluntary participation and practice in activities that can help address social issues related to the environment, human rights, discrimination, etc.

Donations and volunteering

Through the implementation of group campaigns, we are promoting activities that address a variety of social issues, such as financial support for the socially disadvantaged, participation in environmental issue awareness, etc. At the same time, we continue to engage in big and small acts of sharing in collaboration with local communities centered around SeAH's worksites and with our own volunteer groups located throughout the country.

  • People in raincoats are engaged in volunteer work, carrying briquettes.
    Support for the low-income class

    We are steadily making donations including rice, food, briquettes, emergency medicine kits, etc. to vulnerable groups who find themselves in the blind spots of the welfare and medical care system, such as the elderly living alone, the disabled, and the low-income class, as well as to consigned facilities or institutions that are in need of support.

  • A child is sitting on a chair and undergoing an examination.
    Support and donations for the socially disadvantaged

    We are helping those whose basic livelihood is threatened; those suffering from the damage of disasters; women/children who are suffering from social discrimination and exclusion; and immigrants who seek to improve their living conditions and settle down in our society.

  • An image of people who are engaged in sharing activities.
    Participatory sharing activities

    SeAH executives and employees are directly participating in environmental conservation activities (recycling campaigns/plastic reduction campaigns), blood donation, volunteer work at short-staffed facilities and stray dog shelters, etc. in order to put into practice our culture of sharing.

  • A group image along with a dog.
    The SeAH sharing supporters program

    This is a program through which SeAH executives and employees directly recommend those who need support around them, providing a foundation for the members of the SeAH to become supporters themselves and to actively participate in our sharing culture.

A group photo of people standing in a line.

SeAH Woon Hyung Lee Foundation

The foundation was launched in 2013 to commemorate the beliefs of the late Chairman Lee Woon Hyung of the SeAH Group, who loved and supported the opera with an untainted passion for culture and art. Being the only opera sponsorship foundation in Korea, the Foundation is elevating the value of the passion and effort of artists by carrying out various support and sponsorship projects.

  • Establishment: 2013
  • Head director: Park Eui-sook
  • Sponsored businesses: Sponsoring the next-generation of opera talent and classical art organizations
  • Performance planning: Hosting regular performances to expand the opera fan base and increase public interest, and hosting local concerts that provide opportunities for the citizens of small and medium-sized cities to indulge in culture and arts
  • Academic support: Publishing music series, providing a stable writing research environment for musicologists

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The back view of a man presenting and the audience.

SeAH Haiam Art & Science Scholarship Foundation

This academic scholarship foundation was established in 1992 by the Honorary Chairman Lee Jong-deok, the founder of SeAH. The foundation provides a stepping stone for young and talented individuals with progressive mindsets to receive an opportunity to overcome financial difficulties and realize their dreams and fulfill their full potential. At the Foundation, the meaning of sharing is constantly growing, as many individuals who have had ties with the foundation go on to participate in various social roles.

  • Establishment: 1992
  • Head director: Lee Soon-hyung
  • Scholarship projects: Every year, we offer scholarships to high school students and university students, and operate the 'FRESH UP! CAMP', where the scholarship students can engage in group communication activities
  • Academic support: Support for steel/engineering technology and academic research
  • Education support: Supply of books for cultivating proper values and emotions in adolescents, operation of SeAH Steel Engineering Classroom run by SeAH employees' talent donation

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